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21 Apr 20
Compound Photonics announces 1080p optical engine for smart glasses

Wide field-of-view reference design boosts brightness from smaller form factor for ARVR applications.

21 Apr 20
Coherent launches multi-kilowatt industrial diode laser

HighLight DL HPSi is suited to applications in metal cladding, heat treating, brazing, and welding.

21 Apr 20
EPFL and Canon develop 1 Mpixel SPAD camera

Single-photon avalanche diode breakthrough could lead to higher-resolution 3D images.

16 Apr 20
Six-junction solar cell breaks two world records for efficiency

NREL developed cell has highest solar conversion efficiency of 47.1%; and one-sun illumination at 39.2%.

16 Apr 20
Combating Covid-19 pandemic: photonics industry worldwide rallies round

Sector responses range from new research initiatives and partnerships, to gifts of safety equipment, tech and financial assistance.

16 Apr 20
Photonics Europe Digital Forum: polymer devices could drive future communications

Attendee-favored plenary is Lightwave Logic CEO Michael Lebby describing how polymer optical devices could power Internet.

15 Apr 20
ASML using augmented reality to support lithography customers

Semiconductor equipment giant says it has come up with creative solutions to the challenges of Covid-19, while prioritizing safety.

15 Apr 20
Understanding perovskite defects could boost solar cell efficiency

Breakthrough offers ways to improve perovskite performance in photovoltaics and flexible LEDs.

15 Apr 20
Light-emitting hexagonal SiGe promises integrated photonics breakthrough

European research collaboration demonstrates direct bandgap in novel nanowires; SiGe microlaser could be developed this year.

15 Apr 20
TRUMPF launches versatile fiber laser metal tube cutting machine¡­

¡­while VELO3D develops Sapphire 1m tall industrial laser 3D metal printer.

15 Apr 20
NASA prepares to land photonics instruments at the Moon's south pole

Optical technology among Artemis project payloads due to reach lunar surface in 2022.

14 Apr 20
Source Photonics to upgrade laser production after $40M boost

US-headquartered firm says its production facilities in China and Taiwan have remained operational despite Covid-19 pandemic.

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