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07 Apr 2020


The DIAMOND Power Solution (PS) connector series is recommended for high power (>60mW) fiber optic transmission on small core fibers to ensure high reliability and a low Insertion Loss. Our unique expanded beam technology reduces the beam power density at the connector interface, allowing connections with an incredibly low failure rate. Simultaneously, they assure high transmission efficiency, thereby, minimizing Insertion Loss and maximizing Return Loss. In addition, they are well-suited for Power over Fiber applications, such as connections of optical amplifiers and high-power lasers.

Single mode Power Solution Technology

DIAMOND also offers dedicated single-mode connectors that support higher optical power at fiber-to-fiber or air-to-fiber transitions. To reduce the risk of laser-induced damage or failures due to thermomechanical effects, different techniques are applied to increase the spot size and consequently decrease the optical power density at the interface. These techniques, also available for polarization maintaining fibers, are ideal for precise optical fluence engineering on butt-coupled Semiconductor Saturable Absorber Mirrors (SESAMs) in ultrafast mode-locked fiber lasers with high pulse energies.

Multimode Power Solutions

Furthermore, DIAMOND develops industrialized special ferrules for direct light injection into multimode fibers. The AR-coated ferrules can be integrated in high-power diode modules and withstand free-space coupling of >100 W.  The heat extraction is made possible through engineered mode strippers.

In addition, DIAMOND offers connector to connector solutions for reliable transmission of several hundred watts in multimode fibers (ex. E-2000 PSm).

Laser modules with direct fiber plugs through Diamond connector and adapters

Laser diodes with direct connector plugs eliminate the need for a splice and present unquestionable advantages in terms of modularity and ease of replacement. However, an extreme positioning precision is mandatory to assure excellent optical coupling, also when switching connectors in the integrated mating adapter.The rigorous quality control on DIAMOND products ensures reproducibility of the fiber core position within ± 1 µm after mating and de-mating of different connectors, combining unique features of mechanical precision and high-power handling.


DIAMOND SA is a Swiss company with a long tradition of specializing in the design, development and manufacturing of connectors for precision optical fibers. With more than thirty years of experience, DIAMOND SA is a recognized as the expert and market leader in fiber optic connectivity, offering specific and targeted products for each type of market.

As a vertically integrated company, DIAMOND SA is one of the few manufacturers that has full control over its vertically integrated manufacturing process. High-quality ceramic, metal and plastic components, from the raw material to the end product, are all processed in-house. This allows DIAMOND to guarantee that every single component meets all quality, reliability and performance standards found in DIAMOND products around the world.

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